This company since establishment with trust in Gods compassionate and using young and expert individuals is presenting kitchen implements to our dear inhabitants.

Adel industrial group (Derakhshan Sanat E Adel) after four decades since it was born is known as one of the trustworthy trademarks in manufacturing kitchen implements in Iran . Furthermore, this company is practicing young and expert individuals for designing, making frameworks, taking photos, packaging, and trading.

Adel industrial group mission statements


Adel industrial group is pioneer in producing house and kitchen implements is announcing its mission statements.

Caring human resources and providing promotions
Increasing the rate of quality to satisfy the customers

Designing new productions according to customers’ requirements

Improving inner and overseas markets

Reducing production expenditures and increasing the revenue

Expanding and improving the company’s instructions to keep and raise environmentally friendly actions according to laws and regulations and preventing from environmental pollution


Our mission:

Expanding the quality of products to satisfy the customers and competing conclusively with international implements are our today*s spirited market long term practical experience is not considered as a remote advantage. Thus, organizations are looking for high qualities to differentiate themselves with other competitors.

Although Adel Industrial Group has got forty years of practical experience in producing domestic implements, it is constantly looking for new and modern designs to provide its Iranian and international customers.


Human resources:

Adel Industrial group since establishment knows his employees as conclusive and crucial source according to its founder beliefs. Improvement and expansion of the company is closely connected to human resources which leads to satisfaction and cooperation. All units such as management, executive ,designing ,production (metal ,press, ,molding plastics injection ,painting ,and assembling),Q.C ,accounting ,maintenance ,and warehouse with association of each other caused to achieve accomplishments during the last few years.


This company by utilizing different kinds of hydraulic and beating press is cutting and forming the products. And by using welding ,covering, and painting implements completes the process of production.

IT department:

This company is encountering with different kinds of modern software and internet technology to provide suitable services to customers.

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